2.5 Ultra Light

Revolux 2.5 Ultra Light

The inspiration of technology of the future, lightness and compactness all joined in one

Definition of exterior:

  • Increased stability while driving
  • Aerodynamic characteristics
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Innovative technologies
  • More space in the alcove

Definition of the interior:

  • Rounding of the furniture elements
  • Sustainable and durable materials
  • Ergonomic functionality
  • More storage space
  • Possibility of using the bed in all directions
  • Increased work surface in the kitchen

Fits to all European and Japanese pickup trucks with a double cab.

Technical specification


Carbon fibre cabin (30-50 mm sandwich panels)

External dimensions (LxWxH)

4260x2085x2260 mm

Bed capacity


Bed size

1600 x 2000 mm

Overhang / Bottom clearance

945 mm

Fresh water capacity

110 L

Grey water capacity

67 L

Trunk space in double floor

80 L

Weight with standard equipment

680 kg





  • External colour: Soft White
  • 3x side window with shades and flyscreen (800x450 mm)
  • Roof window with shades and flyscreen (700x500 mm)
  • Entrance door with key lock, shades and flyscreen (1925x630 mm)
  • Manual step (550 mm)
  • Rear LED lights
  • 3rd stop light
  • Service door for gas bottles (450x500 mm)
  • Service door on the left side (630x550 mm)
  • CEE socket for electricity
  • Fresh water socket with key lock
  • Manual jacking system

  • Furniture color options:
  • Shadow
  • Honey
  • Cocoa
  • Upright narrow wardrobe with hanger rag 
  • Storage cabinet above the fridge
  • 2x hanging wall cabinet (left)
  • 3x hanging wall cabinet (right)
  • Semi-open storage space in alkoven (left and right)
  • Shoe cabinet with two compartments
  • 3x double wall hangers
  • Movable table in salon
  • Seating area (1100x450 mm) with storage space (left and right)
  • Upholstery options in salon:
  • Ocean
  • Stone
  • Sand
  • Graphite
  • Bed mattress (1600x2000 mm)
  • Mesh system under the mattress
  • LED light system + LED ambient light
  • Heating Propex Whale HS2000E

  • Combined gas stove (2x burner) and sink (cold+hot water) with separate covers
  • Kitchen storage element under the combined stove and sink
  • Kitchen wall element with storage space
  • Foldable kitchen extension (740x400 mm)
  • Refrigerator with freezer 95 L 
  • Trash can

  • Bathroom roof window
  • Toilet with ceramic inlay
  • Shower with mix tap (cold+hot water)
  • Wall mirror 
  • Wall cabinet with 1 door
  • LED light system

  • 110 L fresh water tank 
  • 67 L waste water tank
  • Fresh water sensor
  • Grey water sensor

  • Battery and water capacity monitor
  • 13pin connection with pickup truck for lights
  • Blue Smart Charger 30A
  • Connection pickup truck to cabin charging (B2B charger)
  • AGM deep cycle battery 12 V/110Ah
  • 2x USB A/C socket (salon area, above bed)
  • 3x 230V Schuko socket (salon area, kitchen, bathroom)

  • Box for 2x 5 kg gas bottles (gas bottles not included)
  • Automatic valve for two bottles
Price from 54.413,02 EUR
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