2.8 Ultra Light

Revolux 2.8 Ultra Light

The symbiosis of lightness, stability and aesthetic perfection

Definition of exterior: Increased stability while driving Aerodynamic characteristics Better energy efficiency Innovative technologies More space in the alcove Definition of the interior: Rounding of the furniture elements Sustainable and durable materials Ergonomic functionality More storage space Possibility of using the bed in all directions Increased work surface in the kitchen Fits all European and Japanese 1.5 cabins as well as American pickup trucks with 5.5 and 5.7 feet box.

Technical specification


Carbon Fibre Cabin (30-50 mm sandwich panels)

External dimensions (LxWxH)

4560x2085x2260 mm

Bed capacity


Bed size

1600 x 2000 mm

Overhang / Bottom clearance

945 mm

Fresh water capacity

110 L

Grey water capacity

67 L

Trunk space

110 L

Weight with standard equipment

710 kg





  • External colour: Soft White
  • 3x side window with shades and flyscreen (800x450 mm)
  • Roof window with shades and flyscreen (700x500 mm)
  • Entrance door with key lock, shades and flyscreen (1925x630 mm)
  • Manual step (550 mm)
  • Rear LED lights
  • 3rd stop light
  • Service door for gas bottles (450x500 mm)
  • Service door on the left side (630x550 mm)
  • CEE socket for electricity
  • Fresh water socket with key lock
  • Manual jacking system

  • Furniture color options:
  • Shadow
  • Honey
  • Cocoa
  • Upright narrow wardrobe with hanger rag 
  • Storage cabinet above the fridge
  • 2x hanging wall cabinet (left)
  • 3x hanging wall cabinet (right)
  • Semi-open storage space in alkoven (left and right)
  • Shoe cabinet with two compartments
  • 3x double wall hangers
  • Movable table in salon
  • Seating area (1100x450 mm) with storage space (left and right)
  • Upholstery options in salon:
  • Ocean
  • Stone
  • Sand
  • Graphite
  • Bed mattress (1600x2000 mm)
  • Mesh system under the mattress
  • LED light system + LED ambient light
  • Heating Propex Whale HS2000E

  • Combined gas stove (2x burner) and sink (cold+hot water) with separate covers
  • Kitchen storage element under the combined stove and sink
  • Kitchen wall element with storage space
  • Foldable kitchen extension (740x400 mm)
  • Refrigerator with freezer 95 L 
  • Trash can

  • Bathroom roof window
  • Toilet with ceramic inlay
  • Shower with mix tap (cold+hot water)
  • Wall mirror 
  • Wall cabinet with 1 door
  • LED light system

  • 110 L fresh water tank 
  • 67 L waste water tank
  • Fresh water sensor
  • Grey water sensor

  • Battery and water capacity monitor
  • 13pin connection with pickup truck for lights
  • Blue Smart Charger 30A
  • Connection pickup truck to cabin charging (B2B charger)
  • AGM deep cycle battery 12 V/110Ah
  • 2x USB A/C socket (salon area, above bed)
  • 3x 230V Schuko socket (salon area, kitchen, bathroom)

  • Box for 2x 5 kg gas bottles (gas bottles not included)
  • Automatic valve for two bottles
Price from 55.823 EUR
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