Caravanning - a way of life

In the last two years, due to social and societal changes, many have revived their adventurous spirit and searched for new opportunities to travel and spend their free time. The camping industry has experienced a tremendous increase as well as a revival.

For more and more people, this has become a way of life that allows for freedom and security, individual planning and an adventurous experience, as well as comfort and convenience. What is so appealing about this lifestyle? What are the biggest benefits of traveling with a pickup cabin?


1. Pack - Park - Explore

Traveling with a pickup cabin is extremely dynamic. Simply pack your things, drive to your desired destination, set down your cabin and start exploring the surroundings. The big advantage is your own vehicle, so you can drive to the nearest town or simply explore the surroundings.

2. New day - new place

Monday on the sea coast, Tuesday in the mountains and Wednesday in the city - with a pickup cabin this is definitely possible. This way of traveling is easy and you are flexible along the way. You can change destinations every day so your trip will never get boring.


3. As free as a bird

Do you prefer the wild nature over camps? The cabin trip is marked by off-road adventures and unspoiled nature. Because the cabin is considered a cargo, you can park almost anywhere. This way, even the most hidden corners become accessible.

4. From an everyday vehicle to a weekend camper

The cabin is ideal for anyone who uses their pickup as an everyday vehicle and would like to easily turn it into a camper, seeking new adventures. After the trip, the cabin is easily dismantled and the vehicle can be used normally.


Posted on Apr 05, 2022