Introducing the stunning Revolux Features in 2022

Last year, the Revolux pickup cabin was developed through an innovative and sophisticated process which resulted in a technologically complex yet intuitive product. Given the trends of the RV segment and product development itself, we present new modifications which were thoughtfully included in the existing concept.

Furniture upgrade

The new design has eliminated grooves and additional components on the fronts, the cabinets are composed out of material in a grey colour, which opts for perfect aesthetics of the entire interior as well as easy maintenance. The new closing and opening system ensures greater safety of stored items while traveling and results in a more practical use.


All white interior

You can now choose the colour option "White Gloss" for your Revolux pickup cabin – the contrast with the visible carbon on the interior walls creates a feeling of timeless elegance.


Gray cabin exterior

In addition to »Soft White« you can now choose a grey shade of exterior - "Raw Grey", the perfect representation of a modern wanderlust spirit, while less sensitive to external influences and easy to maintain.

For a good night's sleep

A new mesh system under the mattress ensures luxury comfort and optimal airiness of the bed, while evenly distributing weight load.

Lower total weight of the cabin

We have installed new water tanks in the Revolux pickup cabin, made after the Roto Liv System technology. They provide maximum sealing, greater resistance, and lower total weight.


Posted on Mar 02, 2022