Podlunšek dealers are much more than just sellers

In early May, we organized an exclusive event for our dealers, which brought together 12 participants from seven partner companies operating in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Through the philosophy of our company and the Podlunšek brand, we cultivate special care for them. We are aware that reciprocity in a relationship is of utmost importance.

First and foremost, we made sure that they got to know our product in detail. Each of its technical, technological - production specialties and, last but not least, the beauty of the design and the feeling of comfort. Only in this way can a credible partner be able to provide relevant answers to potential customers at all times.

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The Podlunšek brand is represented by 9 dealers from 5 different countries: Austria (2x), Germany (5x), Switzerland (1x,) the Netherlands (1x) and France (1x). Those who were able to attend the training gained a lot of theoretical knowledge in two days and got acquainted with the product in more detail through the practical part, where they had the opportunity to look at important areas of Revolux cabin that are not visible during its use and functionality.

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We also significantly strengthened our business relations by presenting our team - people who stand behind the product with their knowledge, experience and work – the leadership, development, production, sales and marketing department. They gained insight into where and in what way products are created, how our employees work and in what stimulating environment they create.


Dealers of the Podlunšek brand are much more than just sellers, they are part of our team; our extended arm in the European market, which presents to the world not only our products, but also the company's values and vision, the brand philosophy. Together we build mutual business relationships on trust and together, we hope - especially due to the exceptional quality of products - to set our goals ever higher.

Posted on May 23, 2022