At the Caravan Salon, the Podlunšek brand presents the Revolux Model Year 2023 – a cabin for pickups, which, with its new exterior and interior design, is an evolution on the market in this segment of caravanning.


The RV team at Medicop was maximally efficient in the past year. The Revolux Model year 2023 has achieved an enviable "high level" in the field of pickup truck cabins based on the concept, selected materials, technical and technological innovations and the "know-how" that we draw on in our own development department.


The exterior of the Revolux Model Year 2023 cabin is dynamic and timeless:

  • The lines of the Revolux cabin are thought out, so its aerodynamic shape ensures more stability during driving and better energy efficiency.
  • The design follows the trends of the future of spending free time, so it ensures coexistence with your active lifestyle.
  • The new exterior design of the Revolux 2023 alcove cabin provides more space and comfort in the sleeping area.
  • Innovative technologies are included in the production process, with which we guarantee a high level of quality.


The new interior design of the Revolux Model Year 2023 cabin is modern and functional:

  • The round shapes of the furniture smooth out the transitions between the elements and bring softness to the room, optically increasing it.
  • The furniture and upholstery materials are durable and sustainably defined, so that maintenance and cleaning is easy.
  • The spatial arrangement and the shapes are based on ergonomic laws, which increases functionality and safety in the cabin and provide more storage space.
  • The special feature of the modern design of the kitchen niche is defined by the wall element and the increased depth of the counter with the possibility of using additional work surface.
  • The new design of the alcove, thanks to the raised front part, enables comfortable sleeping in all directions and makes it easier to get in and out of bed.
  • The double floor provides extra insulation and storage space.

The highlighted advantages of the Revolux cabin coincide with the vision of an innovative concept that encourages all generations to realize their unlimited imagination while exploring life.


The evolution reflected by the advantages of the Revolux Model year 2023 cabin is not accidental, but it is based on more than 40 years of experience in the development, technological and production processes of the Medicop brand, to which the company also added the Podlunšek brand last year. Reliability, safety and quality are the most important values that characterize our products. A stable fundamental base of knowledge, experience and good practices enables us to constantly strive for improvement and follow the trends of the future.

Posted on Aug 25, 2022