With the Revolux pickup cabin, you are at home everywhere

Modern design and functional technological solutions - this is how the interior of the Revolux pickup cabins is designed. The advantage of traveling with a cabin is definitely that you fell the comfort and intimacy of your home anywhere you go. But what does the interior of a Revolux pickup cabin look like?

Due to its layout, the cabin gives a spacious feeling and is divided into four units.


Sleeping area

The bed is the central element of the sleeping area, located in the alcove. Its dimensions are 160 x 200 cm, and with the extension of the bed a generous 190 x 200 cm. A "mattress mesh underlay" is installed under the bed, which ensures optimal ventilation and comfortable sleep.



The main components of this space are the toilet, shower and sink. Due to innovative technological solutions, the bathroom is completely resistant to moisture and direct contact with water, but also includes space, a drawer / cupboard for storing your supplies that need to stay dry.


Kitchen block

Everything you need to prepare simple and even more demanding meals can be found in the kitchen block. On one side are a gas stove and a sink. The kitchen block also consists of many storage elements - storage drawers under the sink, a storage cabinet above and a semi-open cabinet for storing small items. For more work space, you can open an additional shelf next to the kitchen block, which serves as an extension and can be easily put back after work. On the other side, there is a built-in refrigerator with 95 L freezer space, which is sufficient for a family of 4.


Living room

In the living room, the centre is a movable or. rotating table. On its left and right side there are upholstered benches for sitting, which can easily be turned into an extra bed. Also worth mentioning – the extra storage space under the seating area, where you can store larger items.

DSC_1109 - 2048px.JPG

Storage space

Whatever the case, there should be no lack of storage space in the cabin. Traveling with the Revolux is a real luxury from this point of view, as the interior concept allows storage in hanging cabinets that are placed along the cabin on the left and right; in an upright closet suitable for hanging clothes; at the entrance of the cabin, where there is a wall closet for storing shoes and not to mention the generous storage space in the double bottom of the cabin.

DSC_1118 - 2048px.JPG

Posted on Jun 13, 2022