Traveling has become our lifestyle

Sabine Krämer is an influencer from the Cologne area who tirelessly spreads her affection for positive thinking, beauty and caring for body and soul among her followers. She feels that this is not only her profession, but also her calling, which is why she and her husband Nico spend a lot of time on the road. Thinking of a different way to travel led her to the Revolux pickup cabin, which she has been eying since last year.


As an influencer, you are interested in very different things, you love to discover and try new ones. What are you focusing on now?

The most important thing for us is our team, which is spread across Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium. Due to events, team coaching and customer events, we are constantly on the move. Because we have always loved to travel, every place we travel to on business is perhaps a place where we just stay a little longer. This is our lifestyle! We like to take our followers on the Instagram channel @sabinekraemer into our everyday life.

What does travel mean to you? How would you describe your dream trip?

For us, traveling means freedom. Whether it's the endless expanses of America or the places in Europe that are still unknown to us. We love to be on the road and to discover new places and landscapes - preferably far from the norm. This also means that dirt roads or crossing rivers cannot necessarily stop us on our way to be able to take a perfect photo at the end. Some say that we put up with quite a lot for our goals. But believe us: our bucket list is still long and we are looking forward to all the adventures that we can now experience with our pick-up cabin.


You have owned the cabin for the past year. What was your first impression with your very own Revolux cabin?

It was clear to us: we want a truck camper - so we started looking for a cabin. When we saw the Revolux cabins at the Caravan Fair 2020, we fell in love and knew immediately that we had found our modern dream cabin here. We all remember that in 2021 there were suddenly delivery bottlenecks and delays in all areas. Much of this continues to this day. We were all the happier when we got a call that our cabin was ready and we could pick it up. And since then we fell in love over and over again. Not only did we have our own cabin and our entire way of working and our vacation changed, but the cabin was even more beautiful than we remembered - exactly how we had configured and wanted it.

Where have you been with the cabin?

We've already parked in a number of inner cities, practically in front of our partner’s shops and became a customer magnet thanks to the Revolux cabin in the "big city jungle". But it was also a lot of fun to stay a few days in the mountains near Berchtesgaden or in Saas-Fee in Switzerland.


What was your most exciting experience?

As "an experience" we can't limit anything yet! Ever since we got the cabin, a lot has turned upside down for us. All the possibilities that are revealed to us, the way we work and the way we travel have changed so much for us - it's pure excitement!

Who would you recommend the Revolux pickup cabin to and what excites you most about it?

Here the advantages of a caravan and a mobile home are combined. For example, we didn’t feel like driving around in a mobile home or campervan in everyday life. A caravan was "too boring" for us and not flexible enough. In addition, we didn't feel like taking a driver's license test. We are super happy with our decision, because we can simply remove the cabin if necessary, but even with it we are still small and sparse. On top of that, we're still total USA fans and you can often find a truck camper there - in this country it's a real eye-catcher.


What are the advantages of traveling with a pickup cabin?

We are simply super flexible! Despite the cabin, we are on the road as a "normal car" without restrictions, we get a parking space everywhere, we are also welcome in campers and have the opportunity to simply drop off the cabin at any time. Nevertheless, everything is on board to be able to travel independently for a few days.

Are you planning another cabin adventure this year? If yes, where to?

In addition to some professional events that we are still holding this year and that we will arrive there with the cabin, there will also be one or two vacation trips. We are especially looking forward to our trip through Sweden, up to the north of Norway to the Lofoten Islands and back. And we know that we always have our mobile, modern home with us.


Posted on May 11, 2022